The iOS app of the popular open-source TV-tuning software Kodi has a red tint when running in an iPhone 4 or later version of iOS.

When I try to launch the app, a green tint appears.

The iPad’s default setting is to turn off the red color.

Kodi isn’t the only one affected.

Other iOS devices running iOS 7 or later appear to have a green color when running Kodi on an iPad.

This was a problem I ran into while watching a film called “The Mummy Returns.”

I noticed a noticeable difference in the iPad’s color when I turned on the film’s red tone.

In the scene in the film, a mummy crawls through a tomb.

When the mummy crawlers are close to the audience, they are shown in a red glow.

The scene also has a yellow-orange hue.

When a mummy reaches the audience’s feet, it appears blue-green, and the mummy’s head is a blue-white color.

After I discovered this, I tried a few different apps and found nothing.

So how did I get this problem?

A little trick.

If you’re on an older iPad, you can switch to the “default” mode for Kodi.

When you launch Kodi, you’ll see a menu with a green button to “Enable red tone.”

You can turn this setting off at any time.

The default setting isn’t as bright as it looks in the movie, but it’s still a great color.

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