Google News has more downloads than other Canadian news sites, a study by a security company has found.

The results come as the government prepares to unveil its plan to combat the spread of cyber-criminals online.

A report published on Monday by Kaspersky Lab, the world’s most prominent cybersecurity company, said the total number of Canadian Internet users infected by malware was nearly 2.5 million.

The report also said the number of malicious downloads was at its highest since March, reaching 4.2 million in the first half of 2017.

The number of infected Canadian users peaked at 2.25 million in July, the company said.

The company said it’s not clear how much the virus spreads to users when they download content from Google or other online sites.

“The number of downloads of malicious content is significantly higher than the number that we observed during the period we were measuring,” Kaspersk said in a statement.

“For example, during the first quarter of 2017, we observed approximately 2.3 million malicious downloads and approximately 1.9 million malicious uploads.

But the number we observed in the second quarter of that year was almost double that amount, at nearly 2 million downloads and over 1.4 million uploads.”

The report said the increase was partly driven by increased popularity of malicious websites such as The Pirate Bay and others.

Kasperska said its research team also discovered that some of the sites that host the biggest numbers of malicious files are run by Russian-owned companies.

“We found that some Russian-run sites are the most likely to be the sites hosting malware,” said the company’s John Gildea.

“Other Russian-operated sites are also the most frequently found to host malware.”

While we can’t directly link the emergence of malware on Russian-linked sites with the rise in popularity of the Pirate Bay, we can speculate that the Russian-backed companies are the first ones to introduce malicious content into the global internet.

“Kasperski also said some of its researchers have found that a Russian-language news site called The Intercept was not only hosting malware but also had been distributing it.

It said the researchers found a file called that appeared to be a .exe file, but it also had the malicious code from the Intercept’s servers.

Google News’ security team said it has been working with Google to investigate the report.

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