The Irish newspaper The Irish Sunday Times published a lengthy interview with a former XBML developer, who revealed a massive bug in the Xbmc app that prevented users from watching content in their favourite games.

The XBMs web server had crashed, and was causing problems for the users trying to access the app’s content, the developer said.

The developer, whose name was not disclosed, claimed the issue had been fixed in March but it was still causing problems.

The article was published in a thread on, a site where developers discuss the state of their apps.

The thread is now closed.

The bug affected the XBMC 1.2.5 version, and users are reporting that the new version, which has been released on March 9, has no issues.

The application still crashes on launch, and has some issues with the browser when trying to connect to a website.

Users have also reported issues with certain features of the app, including a “pause” button.

“If you try to access an XBMP image from a video player you will be prompted to restart the video player, this may cause the video to stop,” a developer wrote on the XBBans forums.

Users also reported a number of other problems.

Users say they can’t play video in certain apps like iMovie, or that they cannot download files from the internet.

One user claimed that the XbMCA app, which allows users to download content from the web, was unable to download a video file.

XBMCA is an XBMCLan application which is used to play XBAM movies and TV shows from a web browser.

However, the XBLauncher, an XBLAn app, and the XBlurrent app are all still causing issues.

Users can also report that the app can’t open videos, or video clips in certain games.

Some of the issues have been fixed for the XMCLauncher app, but users say they have reported issues in other apps, including for games.

“My favourite games, like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, are still being reported as being affected by this,” a user wrote.

Another XBMc user reported that his version of the X-BMBC app, from March 9 is also not working properly.

The problem, which affects the developer’s version, was first discovered by the developer on Reddit, where he posted an article detailing the problem.

XBMCA’s developers have acknowledged the problem, and are working on a fix.

“Xbmc has crashed on launch in our version.

We are working to resolve this and will update this post when it’s available,” the developer wrote in the thread.

A representative for XBMCPower, a third-party developer who has been working on the app for several months, said it was aware of the issue and was working to fix it.

“The developers have taken steps to resolve the issue, but unfortunately the issue remains, and we are working diligently to fix this as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

“We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused our users.”

The developer has also published a video explaining the issue.

The video is available to watch below.

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