ESPN’s most popular programming, ESPN2, is getting a chip.

The ESPN2 chip will become part of the ESPN Smart TV service.

ESPN2’s Smart TV channel will be available in the coming months on Amazon Video and Roku, along with the other ESPN services.

The chip will be embedded in the ESPN SportsCenter, ESPN Talk and ESPN Radio apps.

The Smart TV app will have ESPN2 as part of its “top of the channel” list.

The app will also have ESPN and ESPN2 channels in the same listing.

The announcement of the chip came just two days after ESPN and Fox made a big splash with the announcement of a new ESPN2 digital subscription.

The new service will be made available starting in 2018.

ESPN3 and ESPN4 will be offered for the first time in 2018, with ESPN3 to be available on Roku, Apple TV and Android devices.

ESPN is also expected to launch a new streaming service that will include a digital subscription, with content available on the ESPN app.

The service is expected to be called ESPN Now.

ESPN will not make a new deal with the cable and satellite TV company to carry ESPN.

“ESPN’s focus is to bring the most entertaining content and live sports programming to our customers as quickly as possible, and we are confident that this new ESPN SmartTV will be a tremendous complement to ESPN’s offerings,” said Chris Welch, ESPN president of global distribution and programming.

“We look forward to announcing more details on this service as they become available.”

ESPN3 will be the first channel to get the chip, but ESPN2 and ESPN Talk will not be updated.

“While we are pleased to announce this new chip, we remain focused on our long-term partnership with ESPN,” said ESPN Studios chief content officer Peter Riddell.

“The ESPN Smart-TV platform will be one of the best in the industry and will continue to provide ESPN with the best content and programming, including the most current, relevant, and entertaining sports and entertainment content available in digital form.”

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