6.11.2014 6:51:24Groovy 5.5.6, released June 10th, 2014, is now officially available.

The main feature is the addition of HTTP Server support.

HTTP Server is the Java HTTP client library and it has become the default HTTP server for most projects in Groovy.

The release notes of the new version of the library say that HTTP Server now has support for: – HTTP/1.1 over TCP/IP – HTTP 1.1 requests over HTTP/2 – HTTP requests over SSL – HTTP GET requests over XMLHttpRequest – HTTP HEAD requests over JSONHttpRequestThe latest release also includes a number of new features, including support for JSON Web Tokens and a number more.

The release notes say that Groovy 5 has improved the Java client’s performance by 20% over version 5.4, which was released on December 19th, 2015.

They also mention that Grooveshark, a popular social gaming platform, now supports Groovy 6.1.

The GroovesHound API was added in Groovescampaign, and now Groovestorm, a social media application, is available in Groove, Grooviestorm’s new Groovestation-like extension.

Groovy is still available for download on the official Groovy website, as well as the official Java distribution, and it’s currently listed as the default Java platform for all Groovy projects.

There are currently plans to make the latest release of Groovys API available as an open source project, which would be a welcome change from the status quo.

If you have been using Groovy in production for a long time, you might want to look at the following articles for more details on the latest Groovy releases:

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