, a technology blog, reports on the development of a new network-based computing framework called Nxt, which aims to bring more functionality to the platform.

Nxt is an open source network programming framework, but the company behind it, NxtCore, says the project will allow developers to add services that run in the background or even as a foreground process.

“The goal of Nxt Core is to enable developers to easily add applications to the Nxt network, including, for example, applications that run on top of the existing infrastructure, but are hidden from the application runtime,” the blog post reads.

“While this has potential in terms of scalability, it also opens up a lot of potential for other applications that could benefit from the flexibility of a more lightweight network layer.”

The blog post describes Nxt as a “network layer framework for the Nx network.”

The Nxt framework aims to be a lightweight framework for creating services that are run as a service in the cloud.

“There are many ways to achieve this goal,” the Noxx blog post says.

“One of the most popular approaches is to have a service run in an environment where all applications are running on a single, lightweight node-like OS.

A second approach is to use the node-shell package, which allows a service to run in a containerized environment.”

In addition to providing a lightweight, network-centric framework, NoxX says Nxt offers support for a wide range of applications.

“NxtCore aims to provide developers with a platform for developing applications on the NX network that run as services,” the company said in a statement.

“It is built on top the Node.JS and Python programming languages.

The platform will also be available to developers using other programming languages such as Node.

It’s not clear how long NoxCore will be maintained and updated, or if it will be supported by third parties. “

We plan to release Nxt in 2019 and hope to encourage the development and use of Nx and NxCore in the future.”

It’s not clear how long NoxCore will be maintained and updated, or if it will be supported by third parties.

“Developers can now build their applications on top this lightweight network-layer framework, which will enable them to create applications that are more lightweight than ever before,” the statement says.

Nox X and Nox Core were released in early 2019.

“If you’re a developer who is interested in building applications on Node.x, you can get started now with Nox Node,” the developer guide says.

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