Microsoft has unveiled an open source web browser that aims to make websites more secure.

The company unveiled its open source browser, named Project Nightly, at the Open Technologies Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The browser will make the internet safer for people, businesses, governments and governments, as well as those who use it.

The Open Technologies Summit is held in San Jose every four years.

It’s held to provide a forum for innovation and collaboration to advance technology and create better solutions for consumers, businesses and governments.

“The internet is an open platform that can be used by anyone, and we’re committed to making the web safer for everyone,” Microsoft said in a statement announcing Project Nightingale.

Project Nightly is an attempt to make webpages safer for both end users and the people who use them.

It uses a new design philosophy called ‘code reuse’.

Code reuse means that developers can reuse code that has already been written and reused in other parts of the internet, as long as the code is not harmful to other users.

“When people create websites, they often reuse the same code, but this reuse can be a source of vulnerabilities,” the company said.

“As developers, we want to make sure that our code is as safe as possible, so we make it as easy as possible to reuse code.”

The new code will make sure the browser can be updated to handle new standards.

For example, Microsoft said it would use the existing HTML5 specification, the JavaScript specification and the Common Design Principles specification, to make its code.

Microsoft also said it will be working with the International Organization for Standardization to ensure that the browser is compatible with existing web standards, and will work with other companies to improve the browser’s code.

The developer community is also using the new code.

Microsoft has said that it plans to publish Project Nightal to the internet’s standards bodies in 2019.

It said that the code will be open-sourced and will be released in a few months, and that it will not be tied to a particular browser.

Microsoft will also work with Mozilla to make it easier for users to get involved in making the browser more secure, Microsoft’s statement said.

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