By default, Ubuntu 14, which is based on Ubuntu 14 (the current stable release) and Ubuntu 16.04, installs IPv6 support by default for IPv6.

However, you can enable IPv6 via an easy to use interface on the Ubuntu Software Center.

To enable IPv4, you have to do a little bit of tweaking to the configuration file.

You can use the following settings to enable IPv2 support: # Enable IPv4  “ipv4” # Disable IPv4 (or disable IPv6)  option “disable_ipv6” value “1” option “enable_ip2” value “-1” # Enable IPV4 support  # Disable IPv6 (or enable IPv8) option “ipv2” # IPv2 Support  value “1/2” If you’re using Ubuntu 14 LTS and you need IPv6 enabled for IPv4 or IPv6 for IPv3, you need to modify the IPv6 configuration file as follows: # Edit /etc/default/ipvconfig and uncomment the following line: # ipv4:  default:1: IPv6: option “ip6” “ip4”  In this example, we’re using the IPv4 setting.

You may have to add the following lines to your configuration file: # Use IPv6 in a separate /etc directory.

If you don’t know what to do in this case, see How to Configure IPv6 on Ubuntu.

We’re using IPv6 as a default here because that’s what most Linux distributions use, and it is a good default option.

If you want to use IPv4 for IPv2, you’ll have to edit /etc.default/inetd.conf.

This is the default configuration file for IPvv6.

It’s where the IPvv4 addresses are stored.

To edit it, open a terminal and run the following commands: # Add a new line to /etc and uncomments the following two lines: # IPv4Address: IPv4:: ipv5Address: IPv5::192,192.68.0:8334 IPdv6Address: IPvd6::192-168-254-254:8335 You can now edit /usr/share/configs/networking/defaults.d/net_ip.conf to configure IPv4 and IPv6 settings.

For IPv4 configuration, you will need to edit the following file: # This file is located in the default network settings directory.

# If you have changed your network settings, you should edit it here.

# The following line will show you which network configuration settings you have configured.

 Note that the lines marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

If none of these lines are specified, the default settings will be used.

This file tells the network service to use a static IP address for IPvV4 and static IP addresses for IPv5.

This can be used to configure how a VPN or DHCP server should look for clients connecting to the network.

If your VPN or other DNS server does not support IPv6, you might want to change this setting.

We also added the following setting to the /etc/*/networks file: IPvv1.0/1: IPvv3.4/1 This tells the VPN to use the IPv3 protocol and IPv4 protocol for IPv1.

This means that IPv4 traffic is always sent over IPv3 instead of IPv6 and IPvv2 traffic always is sent over the IPv2 protocol.

IPv4 will not work with IPv4v2.

This setting is also important to prevent the IPv5 protocol from being used in a VPN tunnel that is running over IPv6 or IPvv8.

You should set this setting to 1 to allow IPv4 to be used over IPv4.

If this setting is set to 1, IPv6 will not be used in the VPN tunnel, and the IPvV6 protocol will be left as IPv4 in the tunnel.

You will also want to set this to 0 to prevent IPv6 from being enabled in the IPv tunnel.

IPv6 cannot be enabled in this setting, so you should set it to 1 instead.

You might also want IPv6 to be enabled for all traffic that is sent to the VPN server, but not for traffic that will be sent to clients connecting through the VPN.

You need to make sure that all IPv6 traffic that comes through the tunnel will be forwarded through the IPv 6 protocol, even if the IPv 4 traffic is not.

To enable IPvv5, you also need to add this line to the file:

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