By now, you probably have heard that you can run an app on a Linux server for free and run it on a web server for a fraction of the cost.

In this article, we will go through how to get a web app running on an Ubuntu Linux server and a Google Cloud Platform-based web app on Google Cloud Engine.

If you’re unfamiliar with using Google Cloud for your app, we recommend reading this guide on how to setup your own Cloud application and use the free Google Cloud APIs.

But first, let’s take a look at how to set up the Cloud platform on Ubuntu Linux.

For this article we’ll be using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as our server.

We will be installing the latest Ubuntu 15.10 (Artful Aardvark) version.

This version includes Ubuntu 16.04 (Artfully Aardrunk) and newer, and is available for free to download.

It’s also the most popular Ubuntu release, and will be supported for at least five years.

If we follow the Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 15, Ubuntu 16, and Ubuntu 17 guide, we’ll also be installing a new version of Ubuntu called Xenial Xerus.

For more information on Ubuntu, check out our guide on using Ubuntu with Ubuntu.

We’ll be running our Ubuntu 14 Ubuntu 16 and Ubuntu 18 servers as our primary web applications.

Ubuntu 14 is the first Ubuntu release to be supported by the Google Cloud platform.

You can read more about Google Cloud here.

You’ll need to download and install a Google app server, and then install it on your Ubuntu 14 or Ubuntu 18 server.

To start, we can download and unpack a Google App Server application from our Ubuntu 15 server.

If your Ubuntu 15 or Ubuntu 16 server doesn’t have a Google server installed, it’s recommended to create a new Ubuntu server.

After creating a new server, we need to add the Google App server to the group, as shown below.

Now, to install the Google app on our Ubuntu server, follow the steps below.

The first thing we need is to install an app server.

You should be able to download the Google Application Server app from the Google Web Platform site, or from the developer website.

To install the app, select your Ubuntu 16 or Ubuntu 17 server, click the Ubuntu menu, click Add, and select Google Application Service.

If the Google application server you are installing is not in the group you want to add it to, click Yes.

After you add the app server to your Ubuntu server group, you can then run it.

If everything is set up correctly, your app server will be listed as part of your Ubuntu virtual machine, and your Google Cloud app will appear in your app search results.

You will need to set the following parameters on your Google App Service page: Type of server: ubuntu_app_server_type_default

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