A new feature on Chrome OS makes it possible to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system.

It’s called Chromebase, and it’s part of a new update to Chrome OS that brings a few more improvements to the browser.

Chromebase is available as a free upgrade to existing users who want to get into Chrome OS, but if you want to upgrade from an older version of Chrome OS and want to keep using your Chromebook’s OS, there are some steps you need to take.

Chrome OS is Chrome OS with a few changes, but the biggest change is that Chrome OS has moved away from the proprietary Chrome browser.

It now runs a new, open-source browser called Chromium.

The browser has a much better experience, and Chromebased users have a choice of whether they want to stay with the older browser or switch to the new version.

Chroobase is a new version of Chromium that runs on Chromebas Chromebooks.

It supports more features than the old Chromebake browser, including better performance, a cleaner interface, and better battery life.

The latest Chromebatch version of Windows 10, which is built on the same OS as Chrome OS.

But it is different from the current Chrome OS version.

It also lets you install custom extensions, and the update will also let you run Chrome extensions on the browser as well.

If you’re an existing Chrome OS user, the old browser will be still available for you.

The update will be available as an installable zip file for most Chrome OS users.

This means that if you download the zip file, you won’t need to reinstall your current version of Android or Windows.

You’ll need to download the latest Chrome OS from the Chrome Web Store, or download it from the Google Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the latest Chromecast-based version of OS, head to the Chrome Apps section of the Google store.

Then select the Chromebasing option.

Then click Install and wait until the install process is finished.

This update is also available for users who have previously used Chrome OS on Chromebooks, so you’ll need the old version of your Chrome OS installed.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to wait for the upgrade process to finish before installing the new Chromebases Chromebasis.

This is the new ChromeOS that users are going to get when they install the Chromecast version of this update.

The old Chromebook is still available, but it is not a Chromebause-compatible version.

This was a lot of work to build this version of chromebase and make it a Chromecast ready upgrade.

This will help us improve the experience for Chromebauses and Chromebooks alike.

We’re excited to see what people will build on this new Chromecast app.

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