Apple’s iPhone 7 may have had an issue with its cellular network, but the company is scrambling to get the bug fixed as soon as possible.

The company released an update on Tuesday that fixes the problem.

The update brings the iPhone 7 to its official version 1.1.1 release which is still being tested.

Apple’s update also fixes an issue that may have caused an app to crash on iOS 9.3.2, the latest version of iOS.

In addition to the update, the company also brought an “iPhone X” version of the iPhone to developers that have been testing the software on the simulator.

Users that have already downloaded the software from the Apple Store should also receive the update.

The bug, which is known as an “Sprint bug,” is a vulnerability that can be exploited to exploit vulnerabilities in the iPhone’s network.

It’s an issue which has been reported before, but was not yet patched.

Apple released a fix for the bug last month, and it was widely reported by tech news outlets at the time.

However, the update doesn’t fix the issue completely.

The iPhone 7 was not a popular purchase among consumers, with Apple’s stock down 9 percent this year.

That number is likely to rise as more and more people start buying the phone.

Apple also released a new software update to address the issue, as it does every two years.

However the company did not say whether or not the latest update addresses the Sprint bug, or whether it resolves other Sprint bugs, which it has patched for the past few months.

Apple will continue to push out updates to fix bugs in iOS, and that’s what it has done with this update.

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