Health insurers and the Trump administration are still facing a legal battle over whether they are allowed to offer coverage to people who are already insured under Obamacare. 

Health insurers have been trying to persuade regulators in several states to allow them to offer plans on the exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

The Supreme Court ruled last month that the subsidies that insurance companies receive to help cover people with pre-existing conditions are not the same as the money the government sends to states to pay for those plans.

The Trump administration, however, has refused to let insurers offer coverage on the exchange. 

“Insurers will be able to offer their customers health insurance under the ACA through the individual market under the same terms as before the ACA,” HHS Secretary Tom Price said in a statement. 

The ruling was widely seen as a setback for insurers, which have been pressing the administration to allow insurance companies to offer policies on the marketplace. 

As the Supreme Court ruling has been appealed to the Supreme Courts, the administration is expected to continue to allow insurers to offer insurance plans on their own exchanges, according to people familiar with the matter. 

Many states have not been as accommodating, as they have not let insurers sell policies on their state’s exchange and instead have allowed insurers to sell coverage through their own health insurance exchanges, the people said. 

Some insurers have argued that if the court allows them to sell insurance plans through their exchanges, they would be able to provide coverage to more people on the individual marketplace.

“If insurers are allowed on their individual marketplace plans, the federal government would provide $8 billion per year to pay insurers for their premiums and subsidies, which would mean insurers could provide coverage for more people,” the Wall Street Journal wrote on Friday. 

Insurers are also pushing for Congress to allow states to set up their own insurance exchanges.

Democrats on Capitol Hill said on Friday that they were looking forward to seeing if the administration will provide any clarification on whether it will allow insurers on their exchanges to offer high-risk pools or other types of high-deductible plans, which could offer lower out-of-pocket costs.

If it allows, they can offer the high-risk pool as an alternative to the existing pool, said Rep. Dan Maffei (D-N.Y.).

“It’s a matter of the administration clarifying whether it’s okay or not, and I think the answer will be yes.” 

Insurance companies have been facing the prospect of having to drop out of the individual health insurance market and selling plans on other exchanges under a Trump administration plan.

In an interview with ABC News, President Donald Trump said in October that if insurers are not allowed on the new exchanges, it will be “very difficult for them to make a profit.”

The Obama administration was unable to offer subsidies to insurance companies that were already offering coverage on state exchanges because of an uncertainty in the law over how the subsidies are distributed, according the Associated Press. 

While the Trump healthcare plan will likely continue to be controversial among some voters, it is expected that Republicans will be willing to support the legislation. 

Democratic lawmakers on Friday said that if Republicans support the bill, they should also support its repeal of the Affordable Clean Air Act. 

Republicans have previously signaled that they will work with Democrats to repeal the ACA, which is now known as Obamacare, in order to prevent it from becoming a law of the land.

The Congressional Budget Office recently released a report that estimated that repealing the ACA would cause more than 9 million people to lose coverage.

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