Elixir is the fastest nodejs and it’s also the most feature-rich.

The fast implementation makes it possible to easily write server-side code.

If you’re familiar with Erlang you should be able to get the hang of it.

Let’s see how.


Installing Elixir on a Linux server with Docker Installing the latest stable version of Elixir is pretty easy.

Just grab the latest binary from the releases section of your distro.

On Linux you can install the latest version directly by typing: $ sudo dpkg -i Elixir-0.5.0-x86_64.deb Once you have it installed, just run the command: $ docker run -d -p 9000:9000 -p 8001:8001:9001:9091:9003:9093:9014:9030:9031:9032:9034:9035:9036:9037:9038:9039:9040:9041:9042:9043:9044:9045:9046:9047:9048:9049:9050:9052:9053:9064:9066:9077:9088:9090:9101:9102:9103:9104:104.docker.com/docker/downloads/elixir-0-5-0x86.deb Elixir 0.5 is now available at https://download.elixirjs.org/0-1-0 Elixir 0 is the latest development release for Elixir.

It comes with a wide array of new features, including a new way of building web apps and a new type of nodejs node.js module that runs on top of the Erlang VM.

It also supports the latest web technologies like node.com and Node.JS.

The package contains all the needed dependencies.


Creating a simple node.exe script We’ll start by creating a simple Node.exe node.py script that will run as a service for us.

It’s simple enough that you don’t even need to install Elixir first.

First we’ll create a file named node.xaml.ts that contains the following: import io.http import io._ import io_path _ import io import io _ _.register = io _.socket = io.socket.

NewSocket(port) _.start = () _.log = io._.log.

Debug() _.file = _.path.

Split( “node_0.0.10.js” , “node.xml.ts” ) The file contains a function that will create a Node.xlsm file, set up the socket and start it.

It will then register the socket to our server.

It’ll then add a new entry to the _.port property of our socket to tell the server which port to listen on.

The next line of code creates a function called register.

This function will register the node.io.io socket to the socket that we’ll use for the server.

When the function is called it will take care of setting up the sockets connection to the server and then it will log to the console.

Then it will handle the response from the server using io.log .

We’ll also create an io.path to hold the contents of our Node.

Xml file.

Then, finally, we call io._, which will register io to our socket and send it to the browser.

The script starts up as a server by calling the register function.

Next we’ll run the server as a process by calling io._socket.

Start() .

The socket will receive an HTTP response from our server, and it will then connect to the Node.io server using the socket.

On the client side, the script will handle HTTP responses and handle the connection back to the client.

It then calls io.write.

Write to the file on the server, passing the socket as the response.

We’ll end up with a simple HTML page that will allow you to navigate to our website.


Creating an Elixir web app We’ll now start our server up with the Elixir web compiler, then load it with the io.run function.

The first thing we’ll do is create a new file named web.js and put the following code in it: import _ from ‘./web’ import io as io _ import _ _ _ import socket from io._ socket.register( io._) socket.socket({ port: ‘8000’, socket_name: ‘127.0.”‘, socket: io.io, io_ports: [] }) Now we can open up a browser to see the code running.

It looks like we’ve got two pages running at the same time.

The web.py file contains all of the code that we need to create a simple app.

Next, we’ll

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