Updates on Amazon’s AUR repository to include support of IPv6.

The announcement comes as the company announced it will be deploying IPv6 to all of its AWS infrastructure on September 29, 2017.

Amazon has long maintained that its servers are IPv6-capable and that they are “ready to go” for customers who have been migrating to the new protocol.

Amazon announced on August 3 that it had implemented IPv6 support in its AWS EC2 instances on October 1.

In a statement, Amazon said: “We have made significant progress with this transition to IPv6 on AWS and will continue to work with our AWS partners and partners around the world to make this transition as seamless as possible for customers.

We encourage all customers to upgrade to IPv4 for their AWS environment to benefit from the speed, reliability and ease of use.”

Amazon has made the transition to support IPv6 via its EC2 platform in the past and has been adding support to its EC3, EC4, and EC5 servers, as well as EC2 appliances and storage.

However, Amazon’s support for the new IPv6 protocol on AWS was a little more detailed in its announcement today, with the company stating that it will now provide support for “v6+” for all of AWS’s EC2 and EC3 instances as well.

This means that Amazon is now offering IPv6 connectivity on AWS’s main EC2 instance and, when you run your first EC2 deployment with IPv6 enabled, you’ll be able to run any EC2 node on a v6+ EC2 environment.

While it may not be as useful as the other IPv4 and IPv6 networking options available on AWS, it’s a welcome change.

The fact that the company is supporting IPv6 across its AWS services is an indication that the service provider is committed to its commitment to IPv8.

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