article | The next major release of Angular, version 1.1, is now available to download from the official website, the official Angular CLI documentation, or the official Google Play Store.

The Angular CLI is an integrated web and mobile development environment for the AngularJS platform, with the aim of making it easy to develop applications for the web and Android.

It’s not only a framework for building complex applications, but also a tool for creating reusable components that can be used across multiple platforms.

This article will cover the new features and changes in Angular 1, the first release since its official release.

For more information about Angular 1 and the Angular CLI, check out our Angular 1 guide.

Angular 1 1.x.x – The big picture What is new in Angular Version 1?

This release of the Angular framework includes the following major changes: New Features In Angular 1 you’ll see new features such as the new ng-repeat directive, a new directive for using the same selector in multiple places, and new directives for the navigation bar and the template.

In addition, there are also new directives that make it easier to customize the interface of your app.

We also added support for Web Components (the component model for the angular.js framework), making it possible to add, change, and manage component attributes and properties.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the biggest new features that you can expect to see in Angular 2, and how to take advantage of them.

ng-controller In Angular 2.x, you’ll get an option to enable ng-model-view-controller (ng-controller) in the controller section of your controller’s HTML.

This will allow you to attach your ng-click directive to the ng-mousedown and ng-mouseenter actions.

ngRepeat This directive allows you to repeat an event by calling a specific method on the controller.

The value of this directive can be either the event name, or a string.

You can also add an optional parameter that tells Angular which event the repeat is triggered on.

You’ll also see this directive in the ngAction controller, which has a new ngRepeat() method that takes a function, a property, and a parameter.

ngClick This directive lets you click on a particular element in a controller.

ngTouch This directive, similar to ngRepeat, allows you touch an element in an Angular component.

This directive is also available in the template controller.

You also have the ability to specify the target element by a string that can have up to four characters.

ngToggle This directive enables the use of toggle events for an element or component.

ngEvent This directive can enable or disable the use or re-use of events for specific elements or components.

ngTemplate This directive will allow users to edit a template file, and will provide a template for the ngTemplate directive.

This template will be automatically generated when the user clicks the edit button on the template element.

ngSubmit If this directive is enabled, it will trigger an Angular event when the ngSubmit attribute is set on an element.

Angular 2 also provides ngSubmit with the ability for users to use a form element to submit an element value.

ngReplace In Angular, you can use the replace directive to replace a given string or string[] value with another string.

The new replace directive lets users easily replace the values of strings or strings[] values.

The ngRegex directive allows developers to use strings that can contain multiple characters, and ngMatch will match any number of characters.

You will also see the ngRevert directive in Angular.ngRevert.

This allows you and your team to easily re-render elements on change without having to re-evaluate the entire template when changing the HTML.

ngRoute The ngRoute directive lets developers easily map routes to route paths and controllers to controllers, without having the need to write complex logic.

ngRoutes In Angular.xr, you will also have access to ngRoute, which is the directive for the routing API.

ngSrc If this directives is enabled you can assign the ngSRC attribute to any controller or route, which will allow developers to access any file in the current directory.

ngView The ngView directive allows users to create views that can interact with their app and be displayed in the page.

ngMenu This directive let’s developers create a menu that can display an array of items.

ngNavigate This directive makes it easy for developers to navigate from a particular route or controller to a particular view.

ngList This directive returns a list of items to the navigation pane of the current template.

ngSelect This directive uses the ngSelect attribute to select the selected item from the list.

ngSearchThis directive allows the user to navigate to the search results of the search page of a template.

Angular also provides the ngSearch directive, which allows developers access to the URL and query parameters of a search result. ngTest

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